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MAGGI SIMPKINS is a multidisciplinary ARTIST and WOMAN

For the past decade, Maggi has created distinctive, dramatic, commissioned pieces that leverage fine metals and precious gemstones. With an emphasis on storytelling, she is best known for her narrative-driven engagement rings and future family heirlooms. In order to infuse the spirit of the individual, she sits with her clients extracting their stories and capturing the unique romance of each person. Every single item is a personal, hands-on, front row seat experience. Her love for fine jewelry stems from the idea that each piece of jewelry holds the story of the wearer. She believes that when jewelry is passed down it helps keep stories and memories alive- and that those stories are ultimately what gives each piece it’s inherent value.


Maggi was born in Portland, Oregon where she grew up in an artistic home. She has no traditional training in fine art or jewelry- and instead describes her connection to creation simply as a lifestyle- one she learned early on from her parents. Her creative process is 100% intuitive. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, apparel, an object, interior or landscape design, everything she creates begins with a simple sketch in her sketchbook.

Maggi currently designs from her studio in Los Angeles.